Our NilocG dry fertilizer salts include selected minerals that can boost the health of your aquarium. Our products provide inexpensive solutions that perform quite well in terms of dry fertilizers for planted aquariums. This selection includes Iron chelate 11% DTPA, Magnesium Sulfate, Iron chelate 13% EDTA, ferrous gluconate 12.46%, and more. In addition, Millers Microplex, the best-planted aquarium fertilizer in the market so far is also available.

Dosing instructions are provided for all our salt-based fertilizers. For better reassurance, custom printed EI dosing spoons are available for sale.

We aim to provide the best service to all our customers so that they can have an attractiveplanted tank with very low efforts. Browse through our dry fertilizer salts below and choose the minerals that will instantly boost your aquarium to health.