Co2 Diffusers for Planted Aquariums

As an aquarium owner, you are probably aware of the importance of a Co2 inline reactor. At NilocG Aquatic Labs we work hard to design the best solutions for all planted tanks. We aim for our products to be affordable while preserving excellent performance to offer healthy and safe solutions for your aquariums.

Our selection of a Co2 reactor for aquarium comprises a few diffusion models that can be shipped for free at your door. These co2 inline reactors include advanced versions with a by-pass valve, clear reactor chamber as well as Co2 atomizer.

Browse through the category below and explore the features of each model. Pick the one you like with just a click and you will receive your order in just a few short days. Take care of your planted aquarium now with the most appropriate NilocG Co2 reactor for your planted tank.