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10′ Black CO2 Resistant Tubing


  • The World’s finest Precision CO2 Atomizer Bazooka Diffuser
  • Designed For Tanks Up To 135 Gallons
  • Built in (Select Option) check valves preventbackfloww of water
  • Creates a fine CO2 mist, bubbles less than 0.1mm
  • Requires 30psi of pressure from CO2 regulator
  • Cleaning is recommended every 2-3 weeks
  • For cleaning soak in a 3:1 water:bleach solution overnight

Do not rub the ceramic part of the diffuser while cleaning

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50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 50mm w/ Check Valve, 60mm w/ Check Valve, 70mm w/ Check Valve, 80mm w/ Check Valve

4 reviews for ATOMIC+ PRECISION CO2 ATOMIZER | Free Shipping

  1. Jon Houser

    The first one didnt work, the replacement one didn’t work either. Don’t buy it

  2. Keifer (verified owner)

    This was my first time setting up a pressurized CO2 setup for a planted tank. I have used CO2 in the past on a calcium reactor in a reef tank. Let me just say, the first thing I noticed about this brand is QUALITY. The regulator is extremely heavy for its size. Maybe I’m old, but weight indicates quality materials in my experience. The atomizer gives an extremely fine mist and worked exactly as expected. I did end up getting the inline atomizer since my tank flow is not easily adjusted and I couldn’t position the in tank version where it needed to be for best results. But I have kept it for further projects. I would purchase from NA again with no hesitation. Thanks for making a first time hobbyist a lifelong customer.

  3. Brandon (verified owner)

    Purchased to replace an old automizer that was a little small for my tank. Automizer releases a fin mist of co2 into the tank. Finer bubbles than any diffuser I have used.

  4. Curtis Cox

    This diffuser puts out the finest bubbles out of all of my diffusers, pay attention to the 30lbs of pressure required, if your co2 lines aren’t on well enough it will cause a hose to pop off, works great.

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