Cholla Wood- 5 Pieces

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Cholla Wood for Aquariums: 5 Pieces

Cholla wood is a great accessory to have in aquariums. This aquatic wood makes a fish tank look more interesting and natural. It creates a feeling of how the floor of the ocean would actually look like.

Cholla wood is especially favorable in aquariums with shrimp in them.

The cholla wood for an aquarium made available by NilocG Aquatic Labs contains 5 pieces of 6’’ each. You can buy these pieces as an item on our website and get free delivery at your door in just a few days. Our orders are shipped from the USA.

5x 5-6″ Pieces of Cholla Wood

Cholla wood is great in shrimp tanks.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

2 reviews for Cholla Wood- 5 Pieces

  1. Melanie C Wiggins McMillan (verified owner)

    Ordered 5. 2 are a little larger. Good pieces. Clean. will be using them to attach anubias to.

  2. Anderson P.

    Ordered this along with 5lbs of ferts. Cholla wood poked a pinhole in one of the fert bags, but no biggie. One piece did break during shipping, otherwise great value. Pieces are all similar in size and good quality. Would definitely buy again because of quality and pricing!

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