NA Fert Scoops | Custom Printed Ei Dosing Spoons

NA Fert Scoops | Custom Printed Ei Dosing Spoons


EI Dosing Spoons for Aquarium Plants | FREE SHIPPING

These dosing spoons are custom printed to ensure accurate dosing of you EI dry ferts.

Each set of custom spoons comes with an item for KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4, CSM+B, and Gh Booster.

Get free shipping on our custom made dosing spoon in all of North America.


Custom Printed EI Dosing Spoons for Planted Tank | FREE SHIPPING

There is no need to worry about dosing your fertilizers accordingly anymore. At NilocG Aquatics you can purchase custom made dosing spoons for all your dry ferts. Our custom spoons come with a specific scoop for all selected salts such as KH2PO4, CSM+B, KNO3, K2SO4, and Gh Booster.

You can now be sure to dose the right amount of dry ferts into your aquarium water with these high-quality 3D printed dosing spoons. Keep your fish and plants equally healthy with the right custom spoons and dosing instructions.

Aquarium Size

10 Gallon, 20 Gallon, 29 Gallon, 33 Gallon, 40 Gallon, 55 Gallon, 75 Gallon, 90 Gallon, 125 Gallon, 180 Gallon

Guaranteed Analysis

Information regarding the heavy metal content of this product can be found at

Dosing Instructions


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