DIY EI Liquid Fertilizer

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DIY EI Liquid Premium Fertilizer for Aquarium Plants


Add Set of DIY EI Refill Packet(Micro and Macro)?

Add Set of DIY EI Refill Packet(Micro and Macro)?

Add 1lb of Gh booster?

Add 1lb of Gh booster?

Do you need the dosing bottles

Do you need the dosing bottles

DIY EI Liquid Premium Fertilizer for Planted Tanks

Do you want to dose fertilizers but the cost of liquid fertilizers is too high?

Do you want to avoid going through the hustle of mixing dry fertilizers yourself?

Then this is for YOU!!!!!!

What you get- 2x 500ml dosing bottles (1x Micros, 1x Macros)
3 sets of fertilizer packets (so you are essentially getting enough to make 1500ml of both micros and macros)

The EI fertilizer is shipped without water. It is a DIY liquid fertilizer for aquarium plants.

What you need to do with this DIY all in one aquarium fertilizer is add 500ml of RO water to each bottle. When the solution in each bottle runs out, simply add the refill packet to the appropriate dosing bottle. Then pour 500ml of RO water and you are good to go again!

Dosing Instructions:
Add 5ml per 20 gallons of water for both the micro and macro, 3x per week on alternating days per the EI fertilizer dosing instructions.

How long will the DIY fertilizer for planted aquarium last?

  • 20-Gallon tank- roughly 2 years
  • 40-gallon tank- roughly 1 year
  • 80-gallon tank- roughly 6 months
  • and so on…

Who needs GH booster:

Unless you have very hard water, of the addition of the GH booster is likely necessary. Even if you do have hard water unless you know the concentration of both calcium and magnesium, adding some GH booster is strongly recommended.

Why is the GH booster recommended?

GH booster will add magnesium and calcium as well as add extra potassium which are all very important elements to plant growth.

Special thanks to WETS dosing calculator:

Warning: Micro solutions will sometimes grow mold. To prevent mold growth, you should either refrigerate it or add 10ml excel to the solution!

Concentrations (as per wets calculator):


  • B- 0.09ppm
  • Cu 0.01ppm
  • Fe 0.50 ppm
  • Mg 0.11 ppm
  • Mn 0.14 ppm
  • Mo 0.0038 ppm
  • Zn 0.03 ppm
  • dGH 0.02


  • N- 7.5ppm
  • P- 1.3ppm
  • K- 4.27ppm


Dosing Instructions

Guaranteed Analysis

Information regarding the heavy metal content of this product can be found at Association of American Plant Food Control Officials

14 reviews for DIY EI Liquid Fertilizer

  1. arjun Pun

    If you are just trying to dose your tank and save money then this setup is a no brainer.I have 3 tank so liquid fertilizer are expensive but dry fert mix with 500L is easy and cheap in long run.

  2. Jon Houser

    Within just a few weeks I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my plants.
    The instructions are clear and simple. Easy to use product that will provide positive results
    I will purchase this again.

  3. Mark Shelly (verified owner)

    Works great. My tanks are low to medium light and low tech. I usually give one heavy dose of each once per week and it does excellent for me. I pair these ferts with a liquid carbon source.

  4. Pam (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping, loved the progress/tracking emails letting me know my order was processed, then shipped, then here!
    Mixing is easy, and fast. Since I am brand new to dosing fertilizers having them premixed in the dry packs to use with the dosing bottles was great.
    I am hoping it will help my plants and help get rid of the unwanted algae I have right now.

  5. Joe (verified owner)

    It has been 10 weeks since I started using the NilcoG ferts. Overall impressed with the growth of the Plants. Ease of use – no comparison to Seachem (4-5 bottles and measuring each for a specific amount and specific days) NilcoG only have to rotate 2 bottles every other day (per-measured). Cost is also a plus Seachem (4-5 bottles @ $10 or more per bottle) vs NicloG (2 bottles @ $22 and 1 gal of distilled water $2). Just remember these results are on my tank, every tank is as different as a fingerprint. Hope this helps. Good Luck

  6. Brenden Burnham (verified owner)

    I must say its for sure a difference for the better. I was using Seachem flourish products and I have been using this stuff for about a week now. My plants have for sure like this stuff more and are growing at a better rate. It is also so much cheaper than the other options out there. Just add the RO water and done. For my 60 gallon tank the amount in this package will last about a year and half which is amazing. I also love the dosing bottles it comes with. Just squeeze the amount and pour. No more over dosing by using caps for amount. When I need more I will only get from NilocG. Best stuff out there.

  7. justin gililland (verified owner)

    been dosing thrive and flourish excel alternating days but decided to swap to EI and after calculating it up I am dosing a 7.5g cube and 5g cylinder with 1.5ml of each solution alternating only been using it a few days so lets give it a week or so to show some real results… but by my calculations by dosing 3ml a day the bottles combined will last me 333 consecutive days not counting sundays…. and they give 3 packs of each micro/macro so that’s 3 total fills per bottle measuring up to a whopping 999 doses not counting sundays and +- depending on if I have to up my dose which in the future I may have to when everything grows in but we will wait to make that call and all to $22+ shipping…. thanks again colin

  8. BRANDON ESPARSEN (verified owner)

    My plants have barely got by using flourish comp and some other products. But using this has already made my plants look brighter and green. It’s more cost effective and simple to use.

    I have the 2 bottles with pumps and do 12 squirts each in to my 125. So this will last me alot longer compared to other products.

    I also used purified water as the mixture. I will order more when I need it.

  9. Matthew Shoenfelt

    I have been using this product for the past four days. I have since noticed that my water sprite has regained it’s full color. My Amazon Sword has become a more dark green and is no longer suffering from any deficiencies. My Rotala Rotundifolia and Ludwigia Repens have both started sprouting side shoots. All in all for the price you can’t find anything more effective.

  10. Anonymous

    I’ve not been using this product very long, a week, just from this use, my tanks have no more algae. It’s all gone.

  11. Anonymous

    Best products and customer service in the industry…. This is the best way to feed your plants all they need without measuring each component individualy! Simple effective and cost efficient

  12. John

    *I JUST started using this in my tank* Very user friendly packaging tells you put part A into bottle A and B into B etc. LOVE that! Didn’t want to have to muck about with grams of this and that. I like it a lot so far and there ‘seems’ to be some new growth occurring already (3 days) I’ll try to come back and re-eval after a few weeks.

  13. michael walsh

    after using seachem for over two years, and not wanting to mix my own chems to EI.
    I found NilocG had what I was looking for. now I’m saving all kinds of money
    and time. fast delivery, love the bottles, make doseing a breeze.
    a small startup business to support, is always best in my book!


  14. Sam

    It’s only been a week & it brought my hygro back to love & everything else finally has new growth!

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