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This product is tailored to the EI dosing method but can be adapted to other dosing techniques. Bottles are 16oz each and will last more than 41 weeks on a 20 gallon tank dosing 3x per week.



(Note: The 500ml bottles come with the pump top bottle, the 2000ml and 1 Gallon refill jugs do not.)

For a 20 gallon, higher light tank dosing would be as follows:

  • 2 pumps of the micros per day Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 2 pumps of the macros per day Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • 50% weekly water change is suggested on the 7th day per EI guidelines followed by addition of the GH booster of your choice

Who needs GH booster: 

Unless you have very hard water it is very likely that the addition of Gh booster is necessary.  Even if you do have hard water unless you know the concentration of both calcium and magnesium adding some GH booster is suggested.

Why is GH booster suggested: 

GH booster will add magnesium and calcium as well as add extra potassium which is all very important to plant growth.

Do I need to add extra iron?

For most tanks, the iron that is already included in the Liquid M will be enough.  But for some high light, high co2 tanks they will require more iron.  If that is the case Liquid Iron is a great choice.

Dosing Instructions

Full EI levels: 1 pump of each bottle per 10 gallons 3x per week. For lower light/lower tech tanks: 1 pump per 20 gallons 3x per week

Guaranteed Analysis

Information regarding the heavy metal content of this product can be found at Association of American Plant Food Control Officials

7 reviews for Liquid NPK + M | Liquid Macro & Micro

  1. Shannon (verified owner)

    I have seen an enormous improvement in my plants since using these products. I used to use the all-in-one product, but feel that splitting up the macros and micros is working better for my particular tanks. I don’t use as much as recommended because my tanks can’t handle that amount. (I found that out the hard way!) I definitely recommend starting slow and increasing gradually until you find the the right levels for your tank. I highly recommend these products and will continue buying them in the future.

  2. Adam Dieterich (verified owner)

    Got with the iron bottle as well. Looking forward to see how it helps my plants.

  3. Coldn (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly, and packaged well. Comes in nice quality opaque bottles to block light from getting into the bottles. I have bough from another company before which had a clear-ish bottle. The ferts started molding withing a few months.

    I love that i can back off on the macros if needed, but still dose micros to keep iron up. it’s not as controllable as dry ferts, but I am very happy with it.

    I almost didn’t get the GH booster, but I am glad I did. Results so far are excellent.

  4. Joe S. (verified owner)

    These liquid ferts are well balanced and offered at a price that is no-brainer. I’ve been using the EI method and follow the “1 pump per 10 gallon” rule for amazing growth. When it’s time to slow down the growth, I scale it back to 1 pump less (2 pumps per 30 gallons) and still have healthy plants, with minimal algae growth.

    I also use Enhance, Iron and Thrive Shrimp in other applications, and I’m very happy with NilocG’s product line.

  5. James Rossini

    While I cannot comment on the effectiveness of these ferts. I must say I am extremely happy with how fast they arrived. Adding to that, I have a standard 10g aquarium which makes dosing quite complicated and with the “one pump per 10 gallons” I don’t think I will ever buy dry ferts again.

  6. Val K

    Very pleased with the products!

    Not only were the macro, micro, iron ferts, and GH boosters sent and received in a timely manner, the care in packaging and shipping was very well done too.

    I’ve noticed a very quick change in how my plants have been thriving with the plant colors being far more vibrant and green, the iron really bringing out the reds in my lilies and ludwigias. With the bacopa I’m seeing a considerable change in growth and nice large leaves coming in, the bits of riccia has exponential growth, new sprouting leaves in my anubias, and wallichii have significant growth with the stems filling in nice and busy. Aside from that I’ve already had to pull most of my guppy grass and all my frogbit out of my tank as the growth explosion has started taking over the tank.

    Dosing is so easy with clear instructions on the bottle labels. There’s also dosing instructions on this site so overall this is very helpful and I’d recommend these products to anyone – newly starting into aquatics and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

    If I really had to search for any constructive feedback I’d say perhaps have a measuring spoon included for the GH booster as I’m not sure if the other dry ferts on this site do come with measuring spoons or not.

  7. L.G.

    As always, Thanks Colin.

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