Liquid NPK + M | Liquid Macro & Micro

Liquid NPK + M | Liquid Macro & Micro


Liquid NPK

Liquid NPK is tailored to the EI dosing method and it includes micro and macronutrients for plants. This NPK aquarium fertilizer can be adapted to other dosing techniques as well. Bottles are 500ml each and will last more than 41 weeks on a 20-gallon tank dosing 3x per week.


(Note: The 500ml bottles come with the pump top bottle, the 2000ml and 1 Gallon refill jugs do not.)

Why do you need NPK liquid fertilizer

For a 20-gallon NPK liquid fertilizer, higher light tank dosing would be as follows:

  • 2 pumps of the micros per day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • 2 pumps of the macros per day Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • 50% weekly water change is suggested on the 7th day per EI guidelines followed by the addition of the GH booster of your choice

Who needs GH booster: 

The addition of GH booster to NPK aquarium fertilizer is necessary if you do not have very hard water. Adding some GH booster is also suggested if you have hard water but do not know the concentration of both calcium and magnesium.

Why is GH booster suggested when using liquid NPK: 

GH booster will add magnesium and calcium as well as add extra potassium, which is all very important to plant growth.

Do I need to add extra iron to liquid NPK fertilizer products?

For most tanks, the iron that is already included in the Liquid M will be enough.  Some high light, high co2 tanks however will require more iron.  If that is the case, Liquid Iron is a great choice.

Guaranteed Analysis

Information regarding the heavy metal content of this product can be found at Association of American Plant Food Control Officials

Dosing Instructions

Full EI levels: 1 pump of each bottle per 10 gallons 3x per week. For lower light/lower tech tanks: 1 pump per 20 gallons 3x per week

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I have seen an enormous improvement in my plants since using these products. I used to use the all-in-one product, but feel that splitting up the macros and micros is working better for my particular tanks. I don’t use as much as recommended because my tanks can’t handle that amount. (I found that out the hard way!) I definitely recommend starting slow and increasing gradually until you find the the right levels for your tank. I highly recommend these products and will continue buying them in the future.

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