NA-Pro Carbon Black Aquascaping Tool Set

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Aquascaping Tool Set for Aquariums

The NA Pro Carbon Black Aquascaping Tool Set is designed to help aquarium owners achieve a professional-looking planted tank. This quality aquascaping tool kit comes with all the essentials to maintain your plants underwater.


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NA-Pro Carbon Black Aquascaping Tool

When it comes to planted aquarium tools, the NA-Pro Carbon Black Aquascaping Tool Set is something that no aquarium owner should miss. These aquascape tools include 5 pieces of scissors and accessories necessary to maintain your underwater plants properly.

Main features of our aquascaping tool kit:

  • Professional quality
  • 5 piece aquascaping accessories
  • Rust resistant
  • Coated stainless steel

Included are 10″ (250mm) curved trimming aquascaping accessories scissors, 10″ (250mm) black straight trimming scissors, 10″ (250mm) black wave trimming scissors, 11″ (270mm) black straight tweezers, and 11″ (270mm) black curved tweezers.

This set comes at a great value and provides you with the tools you need to manage and maintain beautifully manicured planted tanks.




  1. Melanie Claire Wiggins McMillan RN CCM (verified owner)

    Although I am not a contest entry type hobbyist……Bought to replace the cheapies I got when I got back into this hobby and as an RN, I know the need for good tools. These are sooooo much better that the ones I got on the slow boat from China. It’s so much more fun,now to trim. The feel and performance of these tools far outshines my cheap ones.

  2. Bryan James

    Used these at an aquascaping competition. The narrow pinsettes are by far my favorite tool in this set and I prefer it to my ADA pinsettes of the same style.
    Scissors have good action and don’t feel cheap.

    I recommend this set for those want a solid entry level kit.

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