PPS Pro Aquarium Plant Fertilizer Package

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The NilocG PPS Pro fertilizer package is one of the best aquarium fertilizers in the market. The PPS Pro fertilizer is convenient in terms of price, in addition to being easy to use. This planted tank fertilizer is designed specifically for aquascapers that want a well-performing system. It requires little to no testing or tweaking. The PPS Pro also works with all lights and substrates, with no water changes as well as large water changes. You can use the PPS Pro fertilizer package in entirely 100% planted aquariums with a reasonable fish load.

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Everything that you will need for dosing via the PPS-PRO method


  • 2x 500ml Dosing bottles
  • 1lb KNO3
  • 1/2lb KH2PO4
  • 1lb K2SO4
  • 1lb MgSo4
  • 1/2lb CSM+B

6 reviews for PPS Pro Aquarium Plant Fertilizer Package

  1. Don Harris (verified owner)

    Very impressed with plant growth in a short amount of time. Easy to understand instructions. Great 500ml bottles included in the purchase! Fast shipping as well. Will definitely buy from nilocg again!

  2. Michael Lopez (verified owner)

    Customer service and the Nilocg brand have been excellent. I originally placed an incorrect order and they promptly cancelled/refunded so as to allow me to correct my purchase. The product itself is in superb packaging and gets the job done at an attactive price point.

    I am new to the planted aquarium hobby (2 months in) and quickly found out that DIY fertilization via mixing dry ferts was the most cost effective option. Previously, I was using the flourish line of products. People may be intimiated, but it’s so easy to simply follow the directions of weighing out product into a known volume of RO or distilled water. Instructions for PPS-PRO are all over the internet and I think it’s the simplest of methodologies.

    My aquarium is thriving and I get little to no algae. I do have to tweak my nitrates a bit as I’m not in a steady state (nitrate ppm steadily increases and I start to get brown diatoms), but I think this can be easily corrected. I separated out a new mixture without nitrate and am dosing that separately to find the right amount to keep my nitrates at around 10ppm. Once I get that figured out, I think the tank is going to be amazing and carefree.

  3. scoopins (verified owner)

    Woah, Bundy! It’s been TWO days and I can see the difference in new plant growth. No joke. Buy this, use the instructions, be accurate, and feed your plants!

  4. KEVIN HADLEY (verified owner)

    I have a75 and a 30 gallon planted tanks with a couple Anubis Nana mother plants, 5 or 6 swords, hair grass and allot more! My plants were doing so so with the big brand names. I mixed my bottles of niloc G according to the awesome directions and Bam before even all week passed everything is bright green beautiful flourishing like professional tank! Fast shipping awesome prices this is the only way to go I’m impressed!

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Its my first time trying the PPS Pro method and after a week, my planted tank looks better than ever. I was using Thrive EI Dosing. It was good but i notice a difference in the lushness of my plants within a week using the PPS Pro style of dosing. It seems to be working better for my tank specifically so i’m glad.
    First off, if you don’t have a gram scale you need one for the fertilizer recipe. Read all instructions before starting… especially the part to shake up the CSM+B before weighing it out. My batch was not mixed completely, no big deal.

  6. bingowe02@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    Arrived faster than I expected. Nice packaging. I’m happy that the ferts are in resealable bags. =)

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