NPK + Microplex

NPK + Microplex


NPK + Microplex Micronutrients for Aquarium Plants

Sometimes just one fertilizer, whether wet or dry will not do the trick. This is why at NilocG Aquatic Labs we have optimized NPK for aquarium plants. This is a microplex fertilizer package that contains all the essential nutrients to maintain a healthy planted aquarium.

Aquarium NPK + Microplex Fertilizer

The Aquarium NPK + Microplex Fertilizer has been developed as a full package including the best micronutrients for aquarium plants. This NPK fertilizer comes with dosage instructions to make your job as an aquarium owner easier. With the NA microplex fertilizer, your planted tank will look healthy and revived.

Package includes:

  • 1lb KNO3
  • 1/2lb KH2PO4
  • 1lb K2SO4
  • 1/2lb miller microplex


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