Plantex CSM+B Micronutrients Fertilizer | 1lb

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Plantex CSM+B Micronutrients Fertilizer for Aquarium Plants


Plantex CSM+B Micronutrients Fertilizer for Planted Tanks

The Plantex CSM+B is a micro fertilizer for aquariums. It provides all necessary micronutrients for aquarium plants so that they can grow lush and healthy. This CSM+B fertilizer has been manufactured by NilocG Aquatic Labs with the utmost care and ingenuity to ensure your aquarium looks vivid and alive at all times. It contains Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zincand Boron. In addition, the Plantex CSM+B fertilizer comes in an enclosed bag that can be sealed again after being opened. Therefore, you can store the Plantex CSM+B fertilizer for a long time and it will still maintain its nourishing character.

Dosing Instructions

1/8th tsp into 10 gallons will add 0.5ppm fe(used as proxy)

Guaranteed Analysis

Total magnesium(water soluble chelated mg) 1.5%
Copper(chelated) 0.1%
Iron (chelated) 7.0%
Manganese(chelated) 2.0%
Molybdenum. 0.06%
Zinc(chelated) 0.40%
Boron 0.8%
EDTA – minimum content 65.4%

Information regarding the heavy metal content of this product can be found at Association of American Plant Food Control Officials

6 reviews for Plantex CSM+B Micronutrients Fertilizer | 1lb

  1. James Reed (verified owner)

    These are great micros and at a great price I get all my EI supplies here! The best fast service with a great price to boot, what else can you want in a company!! A+++

  2. Anderson P.

    Good quality fert without chunkiness like ferts I ordered elsewhere. Comes in resealable bag, which is great for long term storage. Minor issue, but this particular fert had a pinhole from the Cholla wood I also ordered. Patched it up with tape.

  3. Anonymous

    These micronutrients are a must have for aquarium plants especially if you have plants that turn red or dark colors when they get proper nutrients. And only $12 a pound for a complete formula!

  4. Aaron

    I was having quality issues with problems with ferts from another supplier. NilocG helped with those despite not being sourced from NilocG Aquatics. No issues with the ferts from NilocG. So this is now my source for ferts going forward. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve ordered dry fertz here a few times, shipping is always quick and well packaged.
    My plants look great.

  6. Richard F.

    Product is pack nicely and arrives on time that’s why I never bother to look around

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