Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) Fertilizer for Aquarium Plants

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Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) Fertilizer for Aquarium Plants | 1lb


Potassium Nitrate – KNO3 13.7-0-46

The KNO3 aquarium fertilizer is a Potassium Nitrate solution. The Nitrogen (N) in the potassium nitrate reef tank is essential for chlorophyll production. The Potassium (K) on the other hand is necessary for protein synthesis. Potassium Nitrate for aquariums is therefore required for plants to metabolize Iron (Fe).

Dosing Instructions

1/16th tsp into 10 gallons will add 5ppm nitrate

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen(N) 13.7%
13.7% Nitrate Nitrogen
Soluble Potash(K2O) 46%

Information regarding the heavy metal content of this product can be found at Association of American Plant Food Control Officials


  1. Randy Sunkel (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this fert for a while now and it’s great. It goes a long way.

  2. Ashley Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Ask me how AMAZING my plants are doing now that I have the goods. The order was processed immediately, and Emails following with updates along the way, with tracking, etc. Great customer service. Great system in place for making it smooth and precise.. very very satisfied.

  3. EVG (verified owner)

    Good product, excellent prices fast shipping

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The ferts came packed in sturdy plastic, is nicely sealed with a great price.

  5. James (verified owner)

    Great product as always and fast delivery!!

  6. Heidi Raasch (verified owner)

    Quality products at great prices. I was very pleased with how quickly my order shipped and was received. The bags they come in are a heavy material and reseals perfectly on the first try every time. I use this in my aquariums and it mixes clear. Overall great products!

  7. Anonymous

    Good quality at an excellent price, with speedy shipping. Bag reseals well. Research shows that at 50 ppm KNO aids begonia seed germination.


  8. Mike N.

    Fast shipping, all products are as indicated and prices are great, never had a problem with products.

  9. Anderson P.

    My order arrived fast and in great condition. Love that the ferts are packaged in their own resealable bag so you don’t have to go find your own. Product appears very pure and mixes right in.

  10. Tim S.

    I use this for my reef aquarium — The product is clean, mixes clear, is devoid of unwanted mineral deposits and harsh metals. Used to raise my Nitrates from 0ppm (undetectable) to 5ppm. Corals have improved in color and Polyp Extension within a week. Very happy with my purchase, highly recommended for reefs.

    – Fast Delivery
    – Clean Product
    – Priced Well
    – Mixes Clear
    – Doesn’t cloud water
    – No Precipitation

  11. Richard

    I was amazed at how quickly my order was acknowledged,packed and delivered

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