Thrive C All In One Liquid Fertilizer For Low Tech Tanks

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  • Thrive C fertilizer is a truly comprehensive supplement for low tech planted tanks
  • Highly concentrated all in one aquarium plant fertilizer
  • Thrive C aquarium fertilizer contains a non-glut-based, bio-available carbon source
  • Liquid fertilizer for aquarium plants with all necessary macro and micronutrients
  • Store at or near room temperature, no refrigeration necessary.




(Note: The 500ml bottles come with the pump top bottle, the 2000ml and 1 Gallon refill jugs do not.)

Aquarium Thrive C fertilizer

Thrive C is a liquid fertilizer for aquarium plants. It comprises a non-glut-based source of bio-available carbon which provides 2-3x the amount of other carbon supplements.

Thrive C fertilizer is a comprehensive supplement specifically designed for lower-tech planted aquariums.

You will find all the necessary micro and macronutrients for lush plant growth in the Thrive C aquarium fertilizer.

Thrive C comes in 3 different sizes:


  • 500ml Pump Top Bottle which treats 2500 gallons – $18.99
  • 2000ml Refill Jug which treats 10,000 gallons – $42.99
  • 1 Gallon Refill Jug which treats ~19,000 gallons- $69.99


Dosing Instructions

Dose: 1 pump(1ml) per 5 gallons 1-2x per week or as needed to maintain proper nutrient levels. Weekly 20-30% water changes are suggested but can be reduced depending on your tanks specific needs.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen(N) 1.24%
1.24% Water Soluble Nitrogen(N)
Available Phosphate(P2O5) 0.53%
Soluble Potash(K2O) 5.06%
Magnesium(Mg) 0.29%
0.29% Water Soluble Magnesium(Mg)
Sulfur(S) 0.96%
0.96% Combined Sulfur(S)
Boron(B) 0.008%
Cobalt(Co) 0.0003%
Copper(Cu) 0.0001%
0.0001% Water Soluble Copper(Cu)
Iron(Fe) 0.32%
0.32% Water Soluble Iron(Fe)
Manganese(Mn) 0.145%
0.145% Water Soluble Manganese(Mn)
Molybdenum(Mo) 0.0006%
Zinc(Zn) 0.0045%
0.0045% Water Soluble Zinc(Zn)

Derived From: Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, DTPA Iron, Manganese Sulfate, Boric Acid, Zinc Sulfate, Cobalt Sulfate, Sodium Molybdate, Nickel Chloride.

Information regarding the heavy metal content of this product can be found at Association of American Plant Food Control Officials

11 reviews for Thrive C All In One Liquid Fertilizer For Low Tech Tanks

  1. Chris M (verified owner)

    I have used ThriveC in conjunction with Enhance for well over a year on my approximately 48 gallon aquarium. I keep the lights at low to medium output and use some low maintenance plants, such as Crypts, Amazon Swords, Staurogyne, Java Fern, Anubias, and others. I’ve even managed to grow some Reineckii Mini with a deep red coloration. This is the most rewarding aquarium I have ever owned. I spent a couple of months writing down my dosing and making adjustments to the amounts I added until I got it just right, and it fell right in line with Colin’s instructions. Additionally, Colin quickly and patiently responded to every inquiry I made and I found his insight to be extremely helpful. With regular maintenance, I have not made a single misstep using Thrive. Every person who visits my home is mesmerized by the teeming plants and I always point to the dosing bottles off ThriveC and Enhance. To really illustrate how fantastic this stuff is, I’m currently stationed overseas and Colin still gets me the products in less than a week! I cannot say enough good things!

  2. James Petrusczak (verified owner)

    Just started to use…hard to tell at this time. I’m sure plants will thrive….lol…always have had good changes with all products.

  3. Josh J (verified owner)

    My review is more of the service than anything. I wasn’t expecting my order until after they moved to the new warehouse, but I received it beforehand! I know this is just what I need for my plants in my low tech, looking forward to the results, and will definitely be a return customer. Thanks Colin!

  4. Brandon (verified owner)

    Purchased for use in a 75 gallon low tech aquarium. Slow growing Anubias, crypts, moss, and Val. Was struggling with BBA. Thrive helped to overcome the algae issues and the carbon supplement did not melt my vals. Great product.

  5. Jason (verified owner)

    Been using on 2 of my tanks for a couple of months now with great results! Plus not having to measure things makes it so much easier.

  6. Jessica (verified owner)

    Easy to use, great results, no problems.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Have been using this for about 2 months. The plants are beautiful and healthy. Such an improvement since adding this component to my water swaps.

  8. RICK JORSTAD (verified owner)

    I have used this product for several weeks. Due to having a heavily stocked tank, my nitrates would climb substantially between weekly water changes using the regular Thrive. I tried formulating my own ferts using a custom mix of dry components, but the results were not good. When I saw there was a new formula of Thrive available, I gave it a try. It seems to work wonderfully so far, and does not raise nitrate levels in the tank. I will continue to buy this product and highly recommend it to users who want a comprehensive fertilizer and don’t need added nitrate due to stocking.

  9. Brian Anderson (verified owner)

    After only 2 1/2 weeks of use i can tell a big difference. The colors on all of my plants have seriously intensified and i can actually notice growth on a daily basis. This is the real deal!! Super simple, just a pump when you need it. No measuring cups or spoons needed here. Will be ordering this again when the time comes.

  10. KJE (verified owner)

    Thrive Puts out some of THE BEST and easiest to use plant fertilizers available today.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This fertilizer changes the game for people that want to have a larger bio load and also have a heavily planted tank. It provides much more nutrients than any other brand I’ve used and my plants are much happier for that change. I will only be using this fertilizer from now own as it’s definitely the best one you can buy in the hobby hands down

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